Schematic Capture & Layout >Chapter 8: Working with Symbols
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Assigning a Symbol to a Schematic

Symbols are stored in design (.dsn) files. If you generate a symbol for a particular schematic, or create one in a design file containing a schematic, then that symbol is stored in the same design file as the schematic and that symbol is automatically associated with that schematic, unless you explicitly specify the name of another symbol (design file). You can verify the symbol being used for any given schematic by opening that schematic and choosing File > Design Parameters, clicking the General tab and noting the name in the Symbol Name field. If it reflects the current design name (minus the .dsn extension), then the program will look in this file for the symbol.

If you create a symbol in its own design file--which makes it available to represent any schematic--you must assign that symbol to the desired schematic.

To assign a symbol to the schematic:

  1. Open the schematic design.

  2. Choose File > Design Parameters and the Design Definition dialog box appears.

  3. In the Symbol Name field, type the name of the file (minus the .dsn extension) that contains the desired symbol.

Hint    The drop-down list of symbols can be modified to include any supplied symbols as well as custom symbols. For details refer to the section, Modifying the List of Available Symbol Names in the Customization manual.

  1. Click OK.

Hint    If you generate a symbol and then decide to use a custom one instead, after you type the symbol filename in the Symbol Name field, click the Save AEL button in the dialog box to save the change.

  1. Choose File > Save Design.

The next time you place this design within another design, the new symbol will appear.

Hint     To place your design within another design, select the Library Browser > Subnetworks category. Your design name should appear in the Subnetworks list.