RWGT (Rectangular Waveguide Termination)



Available in ADS

Name Description Units Default
A Inside width of enclosure mil 900.0
B Inside height of enclosure mil 400.0
Er Relative dielectric constant None 1.0
Rho Metal resistivity (relative to copper) None 1.0
TanD Dielectric loss tangent None 0
Mur Relative permeability None 1
TanM Permeability None 0
Sigma Dielectric conductivity None 0
Temp Physical temperature °C None

Range of Usage

A > B
TE10 and evanescent (below cutoff) modes are supported.

  1. The power-voltage definition of waveguide impedance is used in the frequency-domain analytical model.
  2. Conductor losses can be specified using Rho or TanM or both. Dielectric loss can be specified using TanD or Sigma or both.
  3. For time-domain analysis, an impulse response obtained from the frequency-domain analytical model is used.
  4. If the values of A and B are such that B > A, then B is assumed to be the width, and A is assumed to be the height.
  5. The "Temp" parameter is only used in noise calculations.
  6. For noise to be generated, the transmission line must be lossy (loss generates thermal noise).
  7. This component has no default artwork associated with it.

  1. R. Ramo and J. R. Whinnery. Fields and Waves in Modern Radio, 2nd Ed., John Wiley and Sons, New York, 1960.

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