Linear Voltage-Controlled Voltage Source (vcvs)

The Spectre vcvs device is translated as an ADS VCVS device.

Example Spectre Command Line:

e1 (out1 0 pos neg) vcvs gain=10

Spectre Netlist Syntax:

name p n ps ns vcvs [param= value ]*

ADS Netlist Syntax:

VCVS: name node1 node2 node3 node4 [param= value ]*

The netlist syntax for ADS is valid only when using the backward-compatibility option (-bc option). The order of nodes is reversed because Spectre components list the output node pair first, followed by the input node pairs.

ADS Schematic Symbol:

Instance Parameters:

For information on parameter format, refer to Using Parameter Mapping Tables to Understand a Translation

Linear VCVS Parameter Mapping
ADS Name Unit Default Spectre Name Unit Default
G V/V 0.0 gain V/V 0.0
Parameters not in Spectre Model      
R1 Ohms 0.0 (Infinity)      
R2 Ohms 0.0      
F Hz 0.0 (Infinity)      
      Parameters not in ADS Model
      m   1

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