Lossy Transmission Lines: This device and model pair is translated as an ideal physical transmission line.

Example SPICE Command Line:

o1 1 0 3 0 Omodel
.model Omodel LTRA L=9.19e-9 C=3.65e-12 LEN=1 R=0 G=0

SPICE dialect and netlist syntax:


o id n1 n2 n3 n4 mname


Does not exist


Does not exist

ADS Netlist Syntax:

TL:o id Z= sqrt(l/c) L= len V= 1/(c0*sqrt(l*c)) R= r G= g F= 0

ADS Schematic Symbol:

Instance Parameters:

oid = TL element name
mname = Model name
n1, n2 = Nodes at port 1
n3, n4 = Nodes at port 2


Parameters are read from the LTRA model statement, but no corresponding model is created in ADS. If no model is found, these defaults values are used:

Z=50Ohm L=1 V=1 R=0 G=0

For the schematic version, the TL component is not supported so the TLIN4 is used. TLIN4 does not support the R and G parameters so they are ignored. The following equations are used for TLIN4:

Z=sqrt(l/c) F=1 E=len/sqrt(l*c)*360
c0 = speed of light in free space. This is an ADS mathematical constant.


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